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Jeff Horvath, Managing Director Publications & presentations: Chapter - "The use of the market approach to valuation in volatile markets", in the Valuation Book - "Valuing a Business in Volatile Markets", James L. Horvath, FCBV, ASA, CA, MBA - Carswell - 2010 The International Association of Consultants, Valuators and Analysts (IACVA) member of the Education Committee and the Intangibles Course Update Committee (2014 - Current). Prepared IACVA advanced materials for courses, including chapters on: o valuation practices and methodologies o valuing intangible assets and businesses using the discounted cash flow approach o valuing intangible assets and businesses using the market approach o valuing brands (brand names, trademarks, brand marks, symbols, advertising slogans and jingles, celebrities or personalities o valuing systems and software o purchase price allocations o valuing customer relationshipsIACVA - Assisted in the preparation of the online course on business valuations, which must be taken/passed by candidates for the ICVS (International Certified Valuation Specialist) designation. o Edited an article dealing with corporate life analysis for The Journal of Business Valuation and Economic Loss Analysis (JBVELA).
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Jeff Horvath CBV, ICVS, CPA, CA
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