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Jim Horvath, Valuation Publications “Taxation, Valuation and Investment Strategies in Volatile Markets”, 1,301-page text, Thomson-Reuters-Carswell, Toronto, Canada, September 2010 (Co-editor with David Chodikoff and author/co-author of nine of the book’s 56 chapters). “Valuing a Business in Volatile Markets”, 835-page text, Thomson-Reuters-Carswell, Toronto, Canada, June 2010 (Conceptualizer of the book and author/co-author of nine of the book’s 33 chapters). “Taxation & Valuation of Technology”, 1,004-page text published by Irwin Law, Toronto, Canada in March 2008 (Conceptualizer of the book; principal author of the 520-page Valuation section; and co-editor with David Chodikoff).  Chapters entitled “Protected Assets: Valuing Patents”, co-authored with Steven Hacker, “Valuing Businesses in the Ever-changing Global  Marketplace”; and “Valuation Methodology: The Current Art and Science”, co-authored with Tim Dunham, Manager Director, Valuations, Deloitte; and “The Invisible Path: Valuing Technology & Other Intangibles”, co- authored with Rick Ellsworth, Firm Director, Deloitte NYC “Advocacy and Taxation in Canada”, 738-page text published by Irwin Law, Toronto, Canada in October 2004 (co-editor with David Chodikoff).  Co-authored (with Steven Hacker) chapters entitled “Valuing Computer Software, Brands, and other Intellectual Property:  Concepts, Complexities, and Controversies”, and “Reflections of the Expert’s Role in the Tax Court of Canada”.  “Valuing Software – Decoding the Bits, Bytes, and Bucks”, Valuation Update, Spring 2003
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