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Litigation Support & Dispute Consulting Our litigation consulting and dispute services are developed to assist attorneys bring value to their clients using a flexible, defendable approach, which delivers our unbiased expert opinion with a clear understanding of the legal matter at hand. 
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Whether a financial dispute follows a process of litigation, mediation, or arbitration, we bring clarity to complex situations. We understand how to operate knowledgeably in the legal environment and are focused on your deadlines. We recognize the need to have a hands-on approach to litigation matters and we can be involved from the initial complaint to the report and testimony expectations of a particular court. We can act as experts instructed by one party or joint experts representing both parties. Our findings are used for negotiated settlements, arbitration and court. Our practitioners have provided expert testimony and presented findings in court. Quantification of Damages We apply a number of quantitative and qualitative techniques to analyze the financial impact of an alleged fault and measure damages. Our independent expert report and testimony highlights our key findings and conclusions in a clear and logical manner, providing an accurate assessment of any actual or potential losses. Insurance Claims Commercial insurance claims may occur if an insured peril actually occurs.   Our team provides expert reports that analyze and quantify insurable losses resulting from fire, theft, or other events. These often require the valuation of a portion of a business or, in cases of disastrous failure, the entire business.  Our valuators have the skills required to assess the quantum of such damages.
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