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Mediation & Arbitration Prolonged legal conflicts can be damaging to any business, particularly when the parties involved are owner- managed or family-owned companies. When litigation is not a suitable option, our objective approach, financial expertise and negotiation skills make us excellent mediators and arbitrators to bring about a timely resolution to financial disputes. It makes sense to rely on the expertise of a seasoned financial professional to facilitate a fair and effective resolution for disputes that are financial in nature.
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Compared to litigation, mediation and arbitration are faster. Many disputes, which could take numerous months or years in court, can be settled within weeks. When Valuquest is engaged to be a mediator or arbitrator, you can be assured that the financial matters will be well understood. In contrast with litigation, Judges are experts in the law, not in the financial matters of your business. Both mediation and arbitration may be considerably less expensive. With the backlog in various courtrooms, the litigation process can be time-consuming, and as a result, expensive. Legal appearances and re-appearances in courts only add fees to an already expensive process. Mediation and arbitration are not public processes, and as such, information about your business or personal affairs will not become public in contrast to court cases. Our mediation and arbitration services help to resolve: Matrimonial (Family Law) matters Breaches of contracts Disputes in interpretation of purchase and sale agreements Shareholder disputes including minority shareholders
Succession/Estate planning and other issues affecting              family-owned businesses Conflict regarding corporate strategy and direction Commercial litigation (damage quantification)